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I decided to write ‘Raised as an Angel‘ in an attempt to come to terms with my own grief and sense of loss after losing many people close to me. Initially I undertook a great deal of research into various after-life topics and I can say that there are many great websites devoted to this topic.

Much has been said and written about the so called Near Death Experience where subjects at the point of death report being drawn into a tunnel towards a bright and loving light. My three novels begin on an advanced world across the galaxy where the inhabitants have every comfort. The advanced scientists there regularly monitor the lives of individuals on more primitive worlds such as our Earth and routinely bring the essence or soul of these people home, via the Tunnel of Life, at the end of their material lives. When the process goes horribly wrong, one individual living back on the advanced world elects to unlawfully return to his previous life here on Earth to find out what happened.

The story now follows this person’s life back on Earth and as he is gradually drawn back into the human condition, his acquired advanced spirituality begins to degrade. Along the way many aspects of our earthly condition are brought into focus and hence the title ‘Raised as an Angel’.

I am confident that all three works will appeal to readers of science fiction in particular and it is my great hope that they can bring some comfort to anyone who is going through the grieving process.

‘An Angel in the Making’ is the sequel to ‘Raised as an Angel’ and carries on the story where the former left off but from a number of different perspectives. The main characters have matured somewhat and some interesting new ones have been added.

In the Bible it is written “And the meek shall inherit the Earth”. This is the theme that I have tried to explore in my second book. What if all the good and loving people found themselves suddenly separated from all the violent and warlike ones and that now, they the good and loving people, were in charge of the Earth? What would such an Earth look like?
Conversely what would an almost identical Earth, situated elsewhere, look like if it was populated with only the selfish and violent people?

Once again I have tried to convey a spiritual message but in a fictional and hopefully entertaining setting. Michael, Alana and their family have been marooned on the second Earth and have become trapped in an endless cycle of life, death and re-birth in a world that knows of only war and hatred.

Me at age 21 with my late father
J.D.(Mac) McCleary
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