Time Travel Novels

Time travel novels have fascinated many writers and readers down through the ages and the idea has been the source of many thought-provoking books, movies, television shows and even the odd live production. Time travel novels have explored travel to the future by any number of well documented means but time travel to the past leads to many strange paradoxes which on the surface imply that it is not possible. HOWEVER, there is nothing in the established laws of physics which precludes backwards travelling in time!

Quantum Mechanics, which studies the world of the infinitesimal, is making some major discoveries which have implications for us all. In some way the observer and the event being observed are connected and the observer, by the mere act of observing, alters the outcome of the event. Particles seem to ‘know’ what is happening to other particles far away and react accordingly; an effect which directly challenges the notion that nothing can travel faster than light. If faster-than-light travel is possible then time travel novel is no longer the domain of pure fiction.

The biggest mystery though is ‘consciousness’ itself. What is it about life that makes it aware of its own existence? Is the human brain the complete source of the ‘mind’ or ‘consciousness’ or is it just the receiver? If a television set breaks down it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the signal being sent from the television station. Also the television set itself is NOT the source of the original signal. When we look at the incredible order and beauty all around us in the world; the universe at large and especially in our own bodies, we wonder how it could have all come together by pure chance as some people believe. Would it be more reasonable to conclude that the universe is the result of ‘intelligent design’; a view which itself raises many questions?

Some things simply can’t be quantified or measured in the laboratory. One such ‘thing’ would be unconditional love which some people can feel for another person or even an animal. It can be the love between a bonded couple, a parent and a child, a person for their pet together with any number of other possibilities. That kind of love can very probably transcend time itself!

These are some of the themes that I have tried to explore in my time travel novel.

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