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Have you ever wondered about what if anything happens to us after we die? It’s a pretty big question, maybe even the biggest question of all but most people are quite happy to go about their lives and ignore it completely! For many people organized religion supplies sufficient answers based on faith alone but it may come as a surprise to some to learn that there are around twenty-two separate areas which provide direct FACTUAL EVIDENCE that life continues on after death!

If you want to learn about this factual evidence you will find many links on this website to some pretty interesting material. However the most important link that you should follow is to the material collected and presented by Victor Zammit who is a retired lawyer from the NSW Supreme Court. He has collected the evidence together in book form and this book may be the most important book that you will ever read!

Now what I have done is to write five speculative life after life novels. I have also written one time travel novel and one about the meaning of life here on Earth. All seven are part of what I call my after life novels series.

All my novels are works of fiction but I have relied on real science and real after life evidence as background. The stories cover a lot of important issues told through the eyes of some very interesting characters, not all of whom are human. In addition there is a strong spiritual message present throughout the stories which may be especially comforting for anyone who is grieving the loss through death of a loved one.

Our earthly lives go through many cycles of good and bad. We achieve levels of happiness and satisfaction through our dealings with the world which include our families and friends, our careers, our hobbies, our pets and our many achievements. Eventually though every person reaches a low point and in many cases it seems that we have reached a point from which no help is possible and all avenues are closed off to us. At these points of despair the true believer and even the confirmed atheist will reach out to ‘something’ or ‘someone’ for divine intervention and it is my belief that NONE of these prayers goes unanswered EVER! However the answer that we receive in this earthly life may not always be what we had hoped for. We are after all living out ‘the mother’ of all learning experiences while we are here on Earth and our free will is our most important possession as it is the key to all advanced learning. My eighth book is a collection of short stories where people are given help sooner than they expect because a number of advanced beings have taken it upon themselves to act, in moments of extreme adversity, against our free will in order to spare us suffering. This book chronicles the further adventures of Michael Thomas, the Reluctant Angel.

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Angle in The Making

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farwell paradise

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