Ideal World Novels – Trilogy Over View


Since retiring from full time teaching in 2004 I have written three science fiction/spiritual ideal world novels dealing with the possibility that life continues on after death. The books are an attempt by me to envisage a perfect world where everyone cares for everyone else, where there is no sickness, aging or death and where the people have every material comfort. Also in this world are some advanced animal characters who also live a new life after death. Now such a world would be a great place to live but without adversity to overcome the people could not grow spiritually.

In the first book ‘Raised as an Angel’, the main character Michael, returns to Earth and gets drawn into many of our earthly problems and temptations while all the while searching for something or someone of immense value which has been taken from him.

In the second book, ‘An Angel in the Making’, I wanted to look at two possibilities for our planet Earth. In the Bible it says ‘and the meek shall inherit the Earth’. In the first scenario we take a look at the world if only the good and loving people were here and under the best of leadership. Meanwhile a duplicate Earth has been created for the two thirds of Earth’s population who still see warfare as the way to go. In this world and against the backdrop of World War III I have painted a beautiful love story featuring Michael and his soul-mate Alana. The advanced animals also get to do their bit and some new characters have been added.


The third book in the trilogy, ‘Millennium’s End’, is a multilayered adventure set in some very unusual and alien places and concluding right here on Earth in the Yorkshire Moors. It represents the ultimate in redemption and looks at what it means to truely love someone. All three books carry what I see as the ‘Core Christian Message’…’Love God and love one another as you love yourself’.

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