Reincarnation Novels – Life After Death

Life after death is a great topic to contemplate and to research particularly since it affects every one of us whether we like it or not.

Most people that I have observed rely on whatever religious instruction in whatever denomination they were taught as a child. Many of these people believe absolutely in their faith but at the same time a great many do not. This latter group admits to not being particularly religious and to only rarely attending church and yet they still retain an underlying faith or belief in their own religion.

Very few people are complete atheists who believe that there is absolutely NOTHING happening after the material body dies. Some people actually seem to be a mixture of the two groups in that they do not really believe that anything survives death but they hang on to their religious beliefs. When my own parents passed away I gave them each a full church funeral even though neither of them was religious and neither am I.

The idea of God is particularly emotive and most people seem to see Him as He is portrayed in the Old Testament. I do believe in God but my belief is based on reason and evidence not thousand year old writings by people who are long since dead and who were a product of their culture and religion of the time. In particular I DO NOT see God as some cranky old man in the sky who will smite down anyone who goes against Him. Also the idea that there is such a thing as God’s army is ludicrous. Why would God take sides in a war? Why do both sides in any conflict always claim to have ‘God on their side’? I’m sorry but this idea of God reflects a primitive culture and is more like two little boys, each with an ant farm, who decide to release their ants against the others’ ants.

shadow of soul

To me the tremendous order that we see all around us in the universe at large and right down to our own bodies implies intelligent design. I do know that there are logical arguments against this way of thought. However to me everything in the universe (or take it further the multi-verse) is a creation of God. That means not just the galaxies, the stars and planets and the various life forms but all reason, emotion including love and hate, kindness and cruelty is a creation of God. EVERYTHING in the universe, including each of us, is a little part of God. In other words God is all that is!

The thing I find most difficult to understand is how the hard nosed atheists, the people who believe in nothing at all, do this on absolutely NO evidence. There is not one scrap of evidence for the non existence of life after death! Just how would you go about proving that life after death is impossible? I should point out that most of these people who call themselves atheists live very productive and ‘good’ lives in the service of other people and animals.

On the other hand the evidence FOR life after death is overwhelming and increasing with every passing day. Evidence can broadly be put into two categories, experiential and experimental. The first category covers anecdotal evidence which means testimony from reliable witnesses and the second category refers to scientific evidence which is repeatable over time.

Now let me ask you a question. Into which category would you place a horse race? This is an event which is witnessed by many reliable people and even recorded electronically but is it scientific? If we repeat the same race with the same horses and the same jockeys under the same conditions of track etc will we get the same result every time? I think not.

Most things in life are like that and in a court of law people are routinely convicted or exonerated on the basis of evidence given by reliable witnesses. This is not scientific but it is significant!

Let’s look now at the evidence for life after death in terms of which category it falls into.

In the experiential category we have…

  • The Near Death Experience (NDE); of which there are now hundreds of thousands of cases on record from people of all backgrounds including gender, ethnic, racial, religious and non religious, adults and children; provides a very universal picture of life after death. Mike’s NDE.
  • After death communication to the living and bed side visitations to the dying.
  • A small but meticulously researched number of examples of reincarnation novels, most notably by Dr Ian Stevenson.
  • Instrumental voice communication and electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) in which spirit voices are routinely recorded on tape and in many cases answer specific questions from the experimenter.
  • Automatic writing and remote viewing.
  • The experiments of Dr Dean Radin and others involving consciousness which can be shown to operate outside a living body. This specifically refers to experiments in precognition and the ability of the mind to influence material objects and random number generators.

I have only scratched the surface here and there is much more evidence available some of which I have made available via the home page of my website.

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