Logic Implies Afterlife

The sceptics rely completely on the following argument. The mind (or consciousness) is entirely a function of the brain. The brain is a material object and all thought is a result of electro-chemical firings of neurons inside the brain. That means that when the brain dies nothing exists of the person. The proof for this is obvious because how can any thought exist outside the brain? The implication of this is that nothing survives physical death which means that the so called ‘after-life’ or ‘before-life’ is just a myth and any so called evidence to the contrary is just plain wrong.

I must admit that the above reasoning does seem ‘reasonable’, at least at first glance even though there is absolutely no evidence for it. Even so all of the advances in material science on which society depends such as electricity, medicine, mechanics, communications etc. have been achieved through the scientific method of enquiry. This involves theories and experiments, the results of which are repeatable and consistent over time and there is nothing wrong with this approach as far as it goes.

Unfortunately much (but not all) of the evidence for life after death is anecdotal in nature which means that certain things are observed once and recorded by reputable people but are in general not repeatable. The problem with dismissing this evidence out of hand is that there is just SO MUCH of it!

There is now far too much evidence and far too many people completely unrelated to each other for these literally THOUSANDS of accounts to be dismissed as fraud or collusion or misinterpretation. Also there does exist a sizable body of evidence, which while not widely known, has been obtained with very strict scientific protocols.

  • Near Death Experiences have been talked about all through mankind’s history but recently we have had some very high profile cases which have occurred while the subject was under minute and complete observation on the operating table.

I would like to refer the reader to the website of Keith Parsons where can be found a video which runs for about an hour in which Mr Parsons has collected together some of the most compelling evidence for the existence of the afterlife. Please visit this site.

Now I would like to elaborate on a very telling point which Mr. Parson’s makes in his discussion. To my mind it is VERY logical. This has to do with what we humans describe as ‘free will’ and we either have it or we don’t have it. If we don’t have it this means that the entire universe is clockwork right down to the first interaction between the first sub atomic particles and continuing through to every piece of matter that has ever existed. This includes our own brains as well which means that our every action and thought is predetermined in the same way that a computer program is compelled to follow every tiny bit of its programming. There never has been and there never can be any variation from what must happen. There is only ever ONE outcome and the word which describes it all is…you guessed it…’PREDETERMINED’!

Now here’s the punch line so read it over very carefully. If we have free will, which includes free thought, then it cannot be as a result of a mechanical or electrical (that is material) process in the brain because that would imply that free will is determined by a previous mechanical process!

I believe that it was a gentleman who lived in the 17th century by the name of Rene Descartes who said ‘I think, therefore I am!’

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