Pets in Heaven Too

It was then that I decided to write a novel where many of the ideas about the afterlife and the NDE could be explored in a fictional and entertaining setting. I also decided to make use of my own area of expertise which is in Science and Mathematics to give my novel a proper scientific feel. References to real science and to Astronomy in particular are well researched.

One of the ideas which I particularly wanted to explore was that of animals as well as humans advancing in their spiritual development. In the story Wolf is Michael’s great friend in the Canine animal kingdom and it is he, due to his great devotion and animal logic, who is able to steer Michael towards his goal.

When I finished writing the first book I realized that the story was far from over and that the main characters still had a long road to travel. The second book expands on many storylines which were left open at the end of the first book and introduces some new characters some of whom are also non-human. Also the romantic love story between Michael and Alana which was only hinted at in the first book is now full on.

(In case you are wondering about the two girls pictured on the previous page they are my real-life models for my characters Bea and Shantara. All the characters live on in the story but sadly my real life ‘Shantara’ is no longer among the living. By the way.. NEVER allow dogs chocolate as it is very bad for them.)

The characters remain very much alive for me in my mind and I have now completed work on Book 3, ‘Millennium’s End’. This one is still a quest but is also a good old-fashioned adventure set in some very interesting places some of which are alien and some of which are very familiar. All the favourite characters are back and they try once again to understand the mystery of their own (and our) existence both here on Earth and in the many ‘after-life’ realms.

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