Journey to a Far Away Place (reviewed by Bookplex)

The idea of Hell always fascinated me. I love reading about demons, the Devil and the Inferno. I enjoy reading about sins, eternal punishment and basically anything diabolical. That is the reason why I had no hesitation to get this book as soon as I read its premise and summary.

I read this book with much excitement and much anticipation. I was not disappointed at all. From the first page, the story unfolded very easily. It is fast-paced for me and not at all boring. Victoria Wells, the main character, moved Heaven and Earth and went straight to the center of Hell itself just to save her husband who was tricked into giving up his immortal soul. I enjoyed how the author tackled this story. It is truly an exercise of a very creative mind. I could not put this book down. I was so eager to know everything that happened next. His descriptions of the novel’s conflicts, of Hell or the Lower Astral Plane, all details in the book are done so eloquently.

Despite the fantastic premise, I see this novel as a beautiful love story, a story of love so great that a person would go beyond what is expected in order to save her beloved. This novel put a smile on my face as I read because I cannot help but sympathize with Victoria Well’s position. I also have loved someone so much that I am sure that I would do anything for him. Giving any more details of what Victoria Wells had undergone in this very enjoyable novel will be sinful. I highly suggest that you should grab a copy yourself and find out! Truly this is a read that I cannot forget! I hope to read more works by this author!

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