Zeus-Publications evaluation of ‘Journey to a Far Away Place

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this new book by Gary McCleary titled Journey to a Far Away Place. Unlike his other books in the ‘Angel Trilogy’ this one is really a stand alone story even though it does revisit the same universe as the other books. The story centres around Victoria Wells whose husband has been tricked into giving up his immortal soul, setting her on a journey to rescue him from Hell. Full of determination and guts Victoria ventures to the Lower Astral Plane that contains billions of lost souls on a dangerous yet up-lifting adventure coming across strange and interesting characters along the way. This story goes deeply into the afterlife and is a thought-provoking read from start to finish.

As with this author’s other books I found the work well-written in an easy fluent style with good descriptive narrative and a strong storyline. The main characters are new and well crafted with appropriate dialogue. The subjects of the afterlife, near death experience, ghosts, heaven and hell are always hot topics for discussion and the author explores the possibilities with a convincing narrative that flows well. The various settings and movements from one to the other maintain the pace of the story development and the author keeps up the excitement and intrigue that takes the reader through this almost 70,000 word book.

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