A Time for Susan

Those of us born into the western world tend to take our many freedoms for granted and we often forget that over time our relaxed way of life has been paid for by those who made the ultimate sacrifice in a number of world conflicts.

When we look back at World War Two for example we see that our present way of life is ‘set in concrete’ by the events that happened or did not happen back then but if you are a numbers person and look at things from a probability point of view you can’t help wondering how our side managed to prevail against such huge odds.

The German and Japanese war machines were incredibly powerful and both contained massive numbers of battle hardened soldiers. As well as that the Germans had the best technology and nearly all the top scientists. The eventual Allied victory depended not in a small way on many unrelated turning points, each of which on their own was very unlikely to occur from a probability point of view. That means that the timeline that we now occupy has a very low probability of existing at all and if ‘time travel’ were ever to become possible it would only take a couple of minor changes in the past to completely rewrite our history!

David Jameson was a young man with the world at his feet. His intellect was such that he could understand Einstein’s Field Equations, Quantum Mechanics, Dark Energy and much much more. Socially he was at that somewhat irresponsible stage in life where he knew that he could have almost any woman and he seldom lost an opportunity to do so.

And then one day his carefree life came crashing down around him as the crazy ramifications of ‘time travel’ enveloped him and his as yet unborn daughter Susan in a complex web of time paradoxes that made him realise the true meaning and reason for every human life…unconditional love for another!

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